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For over 70 years, BMI has been designing and manufacturing premium vacuum furnaces for the heat treatment of metal parts.
Our range of standard furnaces cover the following applications: oil/gas quenching, tempering, annealing, stress relieving, ageing, cryogenic treatment, etc...

Our specific furnaces allow you to make high temperature brazing treatments, aluminum brazing, sintering, degassing as well as other specific processes such as IVD and APV.

Our vacuum furnaces are available in a wide range of sizes and may be coupled with thermochemical treatment furnaces like low pressure carburizing, low pressure nitriding and plasma nitriding.

Moreover, our heat treatment solutions comply with the requirements of the most demanding sectors (aerospace, medical, energy…) in terms of technical specifications and regulatory standards (AMS, BAC…).


  • Vacuum oil quenching furnaces, 
  • Vacuum gas quenching furnaces, 
  • Vacuum tempering furnaces, 
  • Vacuum brazing and sintering furnaces, 
  • Vacuum aluminum brazing furnaces,
  • Low pressure nitriding and ion nitriding furnaces
  • Low pressure carburizing
  • Cryogenic treatment
  • Ion vapor deposition units and other vacuum process units
B5_R, вакуумная печь для термической обработки при низкой температуре

The BMI vacuum furnaces of the B5_R family are designed for main low-temperature heat treatments and are often the perfect supplement to B8_T or VSE8_T hardening furnaces. These furnaces are particularly well suited to inert gas convection treatments after vacuum purge such as: tempering, annealing, ageing, stress relieving…

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B5_TН, вакуумная печь для закалки маслом при высокой температуре

The BMI vacuum furnaces of the B5_TH family are designed for vacuum oil quenching applications. The heating chamber of this single-chamber furnace is directly integrated in the quenching chamber of the equipment. The installation is fully automatic and allows perfect reproducibility of the results and offers an economical alternative to the conventional transfer furnace solutions, with a controlled atmosphere.

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BMI Fours Industriels S.A.S.
65 rue du Ruisseau
38297 Saint-Quentin-Fallavier

Телефон: +33 474 943444
Факс: +33 474 941006
Интернет: www.bmi-fours.com
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Philippe LEBIGOT
Sales Engineer
Телефон: +33 474 946165
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